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Call: (760) 323-2118
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Finding Hope in Uncertainty

Weekend Wrap Message - Saturday, June 13, From David Brinkman, Desert AIDS Project CEO

Back on: VOICES OF HOPE -Together, We Thrive.

In solidarity with Black Lives Matter, we delayed the original Voices of Hope streaming date.

As we move forward together, we invite you to join us at its rescheduled date and time: Friday, June 19, at 7:00pm, livestreaming on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.  Co-produced and hosted by TV Personality and OUT100 Honoree, Scott Nevins, VOICES OF HOPE features some of the biggest names from Broadway and Hollywood. Find out more here.

U=U = Freedom to love without shame over HIV

We all live with uncertainty, and when we can focus on fact, science and certainty it is very affirming. With a science-based message, Bruce Richman and Prevention Access Campaign have radically improved the way people living with HIV look at themselves, and this transformative campaign has gone global.

U=U, short for Undetectable = Untransmitable, is helping people unlearn decades of fear about people living with HIV, and it’s even helping lessen fear around getting tested. Bruce was interviewed by Steven Henke on DAP LIVE this week, and I urge you to watch it below, or read the excerpts that we’ll be sharing in our News section in the coming weeks.

Applying Prevention Access Campaign values locally

When we hear experts like Bruce Richman say that half of Americans with HIV are not accessing the type of treatment and services they need to thrive and prevent transmitting to others, I immediately think about the people of this valley who need our services.

Our Community Health Director C.J. Tobe wrote about the practical work he and others at DAP are doing to help Coachella Valley residents become undetectable if they have HIV, as well as other methods for preventing and treating HIV in our community. You can read that here.

Safe Chiropractic Services back on at DAP campus with Dr. Jim Cox

Hunkering down is the right thing to do for many, but our clients are developing back and shoulder pain because of the new normal. That’s why we were so happy to have Dr. Cox resume safe chiropractic services onsite at DAP. You can read more about hours and some tips on preserving your back from him by clicking here.

Clarifying how we charge for antibody testing

Our ability to offer rapid antibody testing to the uninsured and underinsured of the Coachella Valley and Riverside County was made possible because of a generous grant.

Our clients with commercial PPO coverage will notice we are billing their insurance company. This should not result in a direct bill to the client. There is no co-pay, and no additional expense to worry about.

Please call the hotline (760) 992-0407 if you’d like to talk to someone about your coverage and the cost of COVID-19 testing at DAP. We will always work to provide you the quickest and most reliable testing option possible. You can read more in our Coronavirus Q&A by clicking here.

More ways to shop at Revivals        

The new tag says it best—home means more now. Our team at Revivals has opened up all three stores for safe in-person shopping, and they’re also bringing the joy of the hunt to residents of our valley with a new online shopping site featuring its best-selling brand new Mode furniture items. Revivals is a significant financial contributor to DAP client services. You can see what the team has created by clicking here.