Take Charge of Your Sexual Health Workshop

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December 12, 2018

When it comes to HIV, knowledge is power!

This full-day workshop on January 18 will address five major topics that are essential to maintaining good health when you have HIV.

We will discuss how HIV treatment has changed and what’s in the pipeline, how to ensure it keeps working, how to understand lab results, and how “Treatment as Prevention” can end the epidemic. In addition, we’ll discuss how to stay healthy as you age with HIV.

All information is presented in jargon-free, easy to understand language. We dig deep into these topics, to make sure that everyone comes away with a clear grasp of everything presented.

Each workshop uses a combination of talks, activities, and discussion to cover each topic.

As a result of this training, people will be able to:

• Describe how HIV treatment works, how it has changed, and what’s coming.
• Understand why drug resistance occurs and how to prevent it.
• Understand the various types of lab tests (including CD4 and CD4%) and how to get consistent results.
• Explain the difference between PEP and PrEP.
• Define “Treatment as Prevention” and the role it plays in Ending the Epidemic.
• Know what steps they can take to stay healthy as they age.

Lunch will be provided. Space is limited, so register now!

Contact Mark Milano at 212-367-1077 or markm@gmhc.org for more info.

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