Revivals donations benefit Desert AIDS Project

Revivals “rolling billboards” deliver direct service to D.A.P. clients

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July 13, 2016

Just about everyone in our desert cities has seen our familiar Revivals trucks – some have called them “rolling billboards” – on every local street and highway. Driven by unofficial ambassadors of D.A.P.’s mission, those trucks are busy on a daily basis, picking up donations and making deliveries.

Even more important, they are helping to make possible the significant revenues that Revivals generates each month, to supply D.A.P. client services like these … all under one roof at D.A.P.’s Palm Springs campus:

  • Medical, dental, and mental health care
  • Food, housing, transportation assistance, and a variety of other social services
  • Career building and job search training and counseling
  • Client Wellness Services Center with a broad array of alternative therapies, as well as educational and social activities

But our drivers also use those Revivals trucks to provide some very direct services to clients, especially those in the greatest need. Revivals drivers have often been a big part in helping some clients turn the corner from “homeless” to “nicely housed.”

In our very first issue of D.A.P. Dose, we reported that “Housing is an essential therapy for people living with HIV.” As Support Services Manager Monica Aitchison reported, “When a client gets housing and can sustain it, his health improves.”

That’s why Revivals donates and delivers free mattresses to many of those clients. Our drivers have often moved clients from one home to the next, free-of-charge. This year, Revivals donated and delivered bedding to 10 clients, moved 10, and made 20 client deliveries.

Findley Golod retired in San Francisco and gave away all his possessions before moving to Palm Springs, where he became a D.A.P. client. However, he underestimated how challenging starting over from scratch would be. “D.A.P. just made the process of resettling in a new environment smoother and I really appreciate the support and help that they offered me,” Findley says.

Kevin Johnson, one of our Revivals drivers/D.A.P. ambassadors, has observed, “Clients really appreciate it and are so grateful for our help.”

“I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own,” D.A.P. client John Torres testifies as he receives a Revivals delivery of furniture, bedding, and cookware. “I saw Desert AIDS Project and I thought ‘God’s leading me where I need to be.’ I was on the street homeless and they really helped me with a place to stay and furniture.”

John met Housing Case Manager Nichelle Austin, who got him into our on-campus Vista Sunrise apartment complex, as well as connected him to care at our health center and to his Case Manager Antonio Huerta who, in turn, connected him to Revivals.

“Nichelle came to my rescue,” John says with a smile that lights up his face. “She’s awesome! I got these stools, a new couch, a coffee table, bedding, a stand for my TV, and pots and pans – which is great because I’ve been eating a lot of bologna sandwiches.”

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