Call: (760) 323-2118
8am to 5pm Monday - Friday

Call: (760) 323-2118
8am to 5pm Mon - Fri

Community Impact News April/May 2020

Desert AIDS Project opened a COVID-19 Triage Clinic on March 16 on its campus, created to alleviate anticipated pressure on local emergency rooms and hospitals, and to mitigate calamity in our valley. We decided to act immediately to test, treat and monitor those who are suffering. We are also offering treatment for other respiratory illness that can present in a similar manner. The uninsured are never turned away.

Community Impact News January 2020

For many DAP clients living with HIV, planning for old age can feel dubious. Long-term survivors, having once believed they would die from AIDS, can still find it hard to trust that current treatments and organizations like DAP are going to see them through to elder care. And for the recently seroconverted, learning how to live with HIV daily can distract them from thinking about this essential planning.