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Our dedicated volunteers have helped to provide services to nearly 2,500 clients. Their dedication and commitment have improved the quality of life for many living with HIV/AIDS.

Volunteers at Desert AIDS Project and our Revivals stores also receive special invitation to the end of the year Volunteer Appreciation Dinner in which we celebrate and honor the hundreds of people who help make our work possible.

Current Volunteer Opportunities at D.A.P., or volunteer at our Revivals stores.

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Administrative Support

Administrative Support volunteers are 'clerical' volunteers, who assist staff in some areas of the agency. The volunteers are assigned to particular departmental staff, and can fall either into this category or into the particular program. The places where administrative support volunteers do work are:

  • Medical Services – a volunteer works one shift once a week with Medical Case Management files.
  • Case Management/Education – a volunteer or group of volunteers help the Program Services Assistant prepare bulk mailings of the 'DAP Update' and 'Wellness' newsletter.
  • Marketing/Communications – Volunteers assist the Director of Marketing and Communications or his assistant in interactive marketing and social networking
  • Special projects – from time to time, there might be an exceptional project, such as a mailing for Resource Development, which might require a group of volunteers.


Advocacy volunteers work for the Interactive Marketing Associate and the Director of Social Services. Their primary job is to 'advocate' for those living with HIV/AIDS. Primarily made up of clients (but not necessarily), these volunteers work in one or more areas:

  • DAPCAN. This is an email newsletter, published bi-weekly, which contains information valuable to those interested in HIV/AIDS. DAP-CAN also will issue 'Action Alerts', which subscribers need support for legislation affecting the HIV community.
  • Client Committee – this group of clients meets monthly with member of the Board of Directors, to review client issues, complaints, etc., and make recommendations directly to the Board, which is not filtered by Management. Membership in this committee is open to all clients, and they need not necessarily sign-up as volunteers to join.
  • Voter Registration – volunteers assist with registering voters prior to election time.
  • HIV Planning Counsel – This group is a federally mandated body made up of government grantors, HIV service providers and recipients of services. The Inland Empire HIV planning counsel oversees the distribution of Title I (Ryan White Care Act) funds for the EMA (eligible metropolitan area) which, in our region, is made up of the Riverside/San Bernadino area. Clients of the DAP who serve on the counsel may choose to be Advocacy volunteers, although this is not mandatory

C.T.S. (Confidential Test Site)

Part of Education/Prevention, this is the program which provides HIV testing to the community. There are three volunteer positions within this program:

  • CTS Pre/Post Test Counselor. These specially trained and certified volunteer counselors meet with those wishing to be tested and obtain information (Confidentially) from the person before sending them for a test. Volunteers are certified to do this work by the California State Office on AIDS, by attending a 5-day training session and passing an exam. These counselors also receive refresher trainings. They must have proof of current certification in order to do this job. These same volunteers deliver test results to people (negative or positive). They counsel people about safer sex methods as well as safer drug-use methods. They are also trained to give the Ora-Sure Rapid test.
  • Phlebotomist – These volunteers draw blood for the HIV tests. They must be certified phlebotomists with at least one year's experience (we are not a 'practice' site for new phlebotomists).
  • Receptionist – These volunteers staff the reception desk, prepare and check paperwork for the counselors, and explain testing procedures to 'walk-ins'. All potential pre/post test counselors have to be receptionists for at least 6 months prior to going through the training to be a counselor.


This 'peer counselor' program is similar to 'buddy' programs. Volunteers are assigned to specific clients who have a higher level of need with coping with HIV than the average client. CareTeam volunteers assist their clients in many ways, primarily by active, non-judgmental listening. They sometimes act as a 'bridge' to services, which DAP, provides. Often, they provide logistical support as well, such as offering rides to the doctor, Food Depot, and for social outings. However, this is not a transportation program per se. The CareTeam meets monthly, to mutually share experiences and often receive in-service training and information about the agency's various departments. The volunteers are required to submit monthly updates about their activities with their clients, which are reviewed by the CareTeam Volunteer Coordinator and disseminated to the various case managers.

Condom Club

Another Education/Prevention program, the Condom Club consists of volunteers who meet a few days each month to assemble safer-sex kits for distribution to the community. They stuff special envelopes with a condom, lubricant and instructions on their use and important health information on about being tested. These kits are then taken by Community Health Educators to places where people, primarily MSM (men who have sex with men) have sex, such as resorts and sex-clubs.

D.A.P. Food Voucher DistributionFood Depot and Farmer's Market

The Food Depot and Farmer's Market is for qualified clients. Food vouchers are distributed to clients who meet certain criteria set by the HIV planning council. Distributions occur once a month (every third Wednesday). Volunteers help with the distribution of fresh produce to clients on the same day. Bagging of produce is done on the day prior to distribution. There are also volunteers who assist Support Services with distribution of gas cards. This is a mileage reimbursement program in which clients receive pre-loaded gas credit cards to help pay the cost of getting to and from the DAP.

Medical Records and Medical Reception Desk

Volunteer assist the Medical Records Assistant with filing medical records, 'pulling' charts for next-day HIV Health Center visits, and other duties such as doing client intake to the health center and making follow up appointments. These volunteers may not be clients, relatives of clients, nor significant others of clients. Due to the sensitive nature of the volunteer duties, potential volunteers must submit to a drug screening and background check.

Reception Desk

Reception Desk volunteers work alongside the Receptionist helping with almost all of the responsibilities of his/her position. The volunteers answer telephones, direct calls, deal with people who come to the Front Desk, process mail (both stamping and sending mail and processing incoming mail), receive shipments from vendors. They cover 4 hour shifts – usually 9 – 1 and 1 – 5, Monday through Friday.

  • Confirmation Volunteers - Volunteers are also assigned appointment confirmation duties. Five days a week, volunteers confirm appointments for our health center as part of the reception desk services.

Resource Development

The primary use of volunteers by Resource Development is helping with fundraising special events. Working with the Resource Development Associates, Volunteer Services provides pre-event volunteers and always provides day-of-event volunteers. Other uses for volunteers in this department are:

  • Resource Development Speakers – similar to Positive Speakers, a few volunteers are trained to give short speeches at fundraisers to help donors understand the real purpose their donations are used for. These volunteers are trained and coordinated by one of the Senior Resource Development Associates
  • Resource Development Speakers – similar to Positive Speakers, a few volunteers are trained to give short speeches at fundraisers to help donors understand the real purpose their donations are used for. These volunteers are trained and coordinated by one of the Senior Resource Development Associates
  • Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards Gala Special Assistant – these volunteers provide assistance in various areas of this major fundraiser. Silent auction, Honoree Handlers, production assistance.
  • Dining Out For Life Assistant – these volunteers provide help with recruiting restaurants, managing ambassadors at the various restaurants during the event and assisting the event manager.

D.A.P. Serenity Garden


This program began several years ago as clients, due to improved health care measures (new medications, etc.), found themselves with time on their hands but also with an inability to work. Programs were created to fill this time with healthy, productive activities. The Wellness programs include:

  • 'A Stitch In Time' – the 'stitchers' meet at least once a week and do craft projects such as knitting and needlepoint. They sell much of what they make to raise funds to buy gifts. They may also do special projects for the agency such as preparing the holiday gifts for distribution with wrapping parties. Only clients of the DAP may participate in 'Stitch in Time'. They may choose to be a Wellness volunteer, although this is not mandatory.
  • 'Quilting with Helen' – This program has a Volunteer Coordinator, Helen Brostoff, who coaches and advices quilters on the various quilting techniques. Participants must bring their own sewing machine and experience with sewing is helpful. This is open to both clients and non-client volunteers.
  • Computer LAB – The computer lab is open 4 days a week to assist clients who would otherwise not have access to the internet for email, research and job searches. Volunteers are monitors in the lab and must have a basic understanding of computers and be comfortable in helping clients with computer issues.
  • Holistic Healing – Various volunteers offer their services to do massage, re-connective energy work or reflexology in our Community Services Wing.

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