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Being An AIDS Advocate

HIV Policy

Since the first days of the disease, HIV/AIDS policy and legislation has played key roles in determining the best ways to prevent HIV, how we fund these strategies and how we continue to provide care and services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

Advocacy is an important cornerstone of the mission of Desert AIDS Project. By informing and cultivating our local client base, volunteers, and the general public of key issues, we can help stop the spread of the disease and continue providing our clients with quality medical care and social services.

Click below to read more about key HIV policy issues:

  • Budget cuts – State budgets cuts in 2009 forced D.A.P. to close our Education and Prevention Department. Read about the current state of funding in California.


  • Syringe Exchange – Recognized as an important component of a prevention strategy, needle and syringe exchange is currently illegal in Riverside County.


  • AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Funding – HIV meds cost $25,000 or more annually. Without the necessary funding, thousands of HIV-positive individuals have been placed on waiting lists to receive life-saving anti-retroviral medication.