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Desert AIDS Project is funded through a variety of sources, and sometimes our budget requires more funding for critical areas of need throughout the agency. This is a list of funding needs throughout the agency for the current fiscal year. Every little amount helps fill these funding gaps!


In memory of John L. Mendes

Ensure or other liquid nutritional supplementsEnsure® or other liquid nutritional supplements

It's been shown that the nutritional health of people living with HIV is a critical component of their overall health. Good nutrition goes hand in hand with antiretroviral therapy and medication in maintaining strength and wellness.

For any questions or further information, please contact us at (760) 323-2118. You can purchase Ensure, Boost, Glucerna and other liquid nutritional supplements at your local grocery store, pharmacy, and drug store. Donations will be accepted at the main Palm Springs D.A.P. front desk.


Want more information? Read more about the benefits of nutritional liquid supplements with sources.