Desert AIDS Project
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Why We Need Your Continued Support

  • Help our Clients
    Desert AIDS Project serves over 2,000 clients in the region, many of whom live on a yearly income of less than $10,890 per year. The average cost of HIV medications ranges from $20,000 to $30,000 per year!
  • Budget Cuts and Testing
    State budgets cuts have drastically impacted our ability to stop the spread of the disease. When state budget cuts in 2009 forced our entire Education and Prevention Department to close, our free testing program was in danger of being shutdown. The statistics will tell you the importance of testing: The Coachella Valley already has an HIV infection rate that is three times the national average of 1%. And these are just the people we know about.

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Supporting Desert AIDS Project has never been easier. You can donate right now by clicking the button above, or join one of donor programs, each with a specific mission. You can also create a lasting legacy by making a planned gift, attend one of our spectacular events, or shop at your local Revivals store.

Help us stop the spread of HIV in our community, and ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS lead healthy and happy lives.