Call: (760) 323-2118
8am to 5pm Monday - Friday

Call: (760) 323-2118
8am to 5pm Mon - Fri

Senior Management

Meet the formidable members of the Desert AIDS Project Senior Management Team, ever dedicated to expanding the impact of our services.

Image of DAP Senior Staff Member

Chris Brown

Chief Operating Officer

With over 27 years of experience in administration of health and public health programs, including HIV, STI, and Hepatitis programs, Christopher Brown has had a direct and immediate impact on Desert AIDS Project. He joined the team in 2017 as Chief Operating Officer.

Before joining Desert AIDS Project, Christopher managed the Health and Mental Health Services Department of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, managing such specific, culturally competent programs as:

• Comprehensive HIV care, non-HIV primary care, and transgender healthcare services
• Behavioral health services including psychiatry, psychotherapy, substance abuse and addiction recover, and domestic violence intervention services
• Sexual health, education, and prevention services including HIV rapid testing, STI testing and treatment, linkage to care, partner services, and PrEP and PEP services
• Research on HIV, STI and LGBT-related studies
• Full-service, on-site retail pharmacy with medication adherence services

Previously, Christopher managed the Chicago Department of Public Health’s Division of STI/HIV. There, specific programs within his scope included:

• Comprehensive HIV prevention programs, including numerous programs targeting individuals and communities at increased risk for HIV
• Community planning for HIV prevention, care, housing and support services
• Five STI clinics and two HIV primary care clinics
• Public policy and communications unit
• Capacity building, training and technical assistance program
• HIV care, treatment and support services program – Ryan White Parts A & C
• Comprehensive STI prevention, treatment and control program
• STI/HIV corrections initiatives

Desert AIDS Project is so thankful to have a vast array of talented individuals to assist in its mission; Christopher Brown adds yet another layer of expertise to our roster!