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Protect Yourself


Young CoupleYou can contract HIV

Women who have sex with men are at greater risk for contracting HIV. If you're in a committed relationship and have never been tested with your partner, you should consider getting tested together TODAY.

You can know the risks

There are different risks associated with oral, anal, and vaginal sex. Although you can't get pregnant from having anal sex, it is in fact the riskiest sexual act for contracting HIV and other STDs. Remember, if you're having sex at all you are still at risk.

You can protect yourself

Use protection whenever you engage in any kind of sexual activity. That includes always carrying:

  • Latex condoms with water-based lube like KY Lubricant, ID Glide, and others.

There are female-friendly condom-carrying cases that Desert AIDS Project provides to women. To receive your complimentary compact, you can contact Ralph Gonzalez at (760) 992-0464 or .