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Protect Yourself


White MaleYou can contract HIV

Whether you're gay, straight, neither, or all of the above, you are at-risk for HIV if you're having sex or using drugs at all.

You can know the risks

There are different risks associated with oral, anal, and vaginal sex, oral sex being the lowest risk, vaginal sex being the second highest risk, and anal sex being the riskiest of the three. Remember, if you're having sex at all you are still at risk.

You can protect yourself

Use protection whenever you engage in any kind of sexual activity. That includes always using:

  • Latex condoms with water-based lube like KY Lubricant, ID Glide, and others.

If you have any questions about condoms, lube, or other ways to protect yourself, please contact Ralph Gonzalez at (760) 992-0464 or