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Preventing HIV

preventing HIVPreventing HIV and other STDs

Learn how you get HIV, how you don’t, and tips on how to avoid getting it

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What are the main ways you get HIV?

Having unprotected sex
Sharing needles

You can’t get HIV by...

...sharing a drink with an HIV-positive person, kissing, hugging, etc. There has to be an exchange of bodily fluids that have high amounts of HIV, like blood, semen, vaginal fluid, or breast milk.

How do I avoid getting HIV?

Tips you should know before having sex
Ask for your partner’s HIV status
Have a latex condom and lubricant
Remember: ONLY USE WATER-BASED LUBE - anything else will break the condom. Using lube is also easier for penetration!
Consider taking pre-exposure prophylaxis (also known as PrEP) if you're particularly high-risk.
Proceed and be safe!

Tips you should know before injecting drugs
Reach out for help! – Resources to help you kick the habit
Don’t share any works
Remember the 3x3 method: Three times bleach, three times water
Dispose of all used needles at any pharmacy in Riverside County – they have to take them!

HIV Prevention is more than just “alphabet soup”

When talking about “ending the AIDS epidemic” or “achieving an AIDS-free generation,” the discussion currently focuses on three evidence-based interventions … all three of them using existing anti-retroviral therapy (medications commonly abbreviated as ARV or ART) to reduce transmission of HIV and prevent new infections:

  1. TasP – or Treatment as Prevention
  2. PEP – or Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
  3. PrEP – or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

See your medical provider or call Desert AIDS Project at 760-323-2118 for more information about any of these protocols.

Have more questions about sexual health?

 If your agency or organization would like HIV education, call our community health educator, Jose DeLaCruz at 760.323.2118 ext. 243

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