CDPH Public Health Advisory Refrain from Vaping. Click to learn more

CDPH Public Health Advisory Refrain from Vaping. Click to learn more



Call: (760) 323-2118
8am to 5pm Monday - Friday

Call: (760) 323-2118
8am to 5pm Mon - Fri

Silver Level Members

Silver Level - $3,000 covers the cost comprehensive dental visits for 10 clients. Meet some of our featured silver level members making an impact in our community.

Silver Level Supporters

Pablo Aleman

Carl Baker

Kevin Bass and Brent Bloesser

Bruce Bastian and Clint Ford

Phil Burgess and James Nutter

Thomas Burnett and David Muth

Young Chu and Steve Kaufer

Harold Clumeck and Steve Wickson

Chuck Collins and Randy George

Marlin Connole and Ron Rishky

Keith Cornell and Mark Duebner

Vince Corsaro

Dr. Jim Cox and Brent Fox

Michael Crick and Bob Machado

Bill DeHart and David Kamimoto

Phillip Doolittle

Grant and Kevin Elder

John Evans

Todd Faucher

Michael Feddersen and Thomas McClay

Brian Fox and Claude Malenfant



Barbara Fremont

Larry Fulton and David Vogel

Albert Gonzalez and Willie Rhine

Rochelle Goodman

Robert Graham and William VanHemert

Edith Groesbeck

Rick Hawkins and Jay Kanner

Steven Henke and Greg Probst

Sean and Stephen Heslin

JD Horn and Rich Weissman

Roy Huebner

Jerry Keller

Terri and Bart Ketover

Ray Klausen and Henry Nicholson

Rosanne Kumins

Steve Lachs and Michael Ruvo

Andy Linsky

Mark Loeffler

Jim Mallory

Michael Malone and Brian O'Connor

Dr. Mark Maslack


Scott Mason

Suzanne and Jason Matthews

Valerie Milano

Joseph Miller and Dima Pevzner

Quang Nguyen

Eric Nicoll

Fred Noble

Scott Palermo and Jim Sanak

Nicholas Pepper

David Perez

Dr. Gary Petrauski and Dr. Barbara Schlager

Scott Piotiorcwkli and Jeff Ziolkawski

Alan Richardson

Bill Scheffler and Ann Sheffer

Judith Stith

Dr. Ralph Tardugno

Hector Vizoso and Jorge Zaiden

Gary Weinstein

Mark Yacko and David Weigle