Call: (760) 323-2118
8am to 5pm Monday - Friday

Call: (760) 323-2118
8am to 5pm Mon - Fri

Bronze Level Members

Bronze Level - $1,500 provides 60 free and confidential HIV tests. Meet some of our featured bronze level members making an impact in our community.

Bronze Level Supporters

Luc Agosta and Bud Sydenstricker

David Alexander and John Ribaudo

John P Allen and Paul Granados

Rich Alther and Ray Repp

Allan Ames and Cary A Lowe

J. C Anderson

Alan Armstrong and Gordon Rock

Judith Atteberry

Larry Ausburn and Thomas P Judge

Jeffrey Bach and Chris Campbell

Scott Balson and Mark Lechter

Leslie Barclay

Shannon Bartley and Daniel Flournoy

Christopher Bates

Darrell Baum and Osamu Sagara

Tom Beatty and Dennis Costa

Donald Beck

Jeff Bellamy and Bret Jacobs

Robert L Bennion and Bob Deville

Jeffrey A Bernstein and Dr. Oscar Chamudes

Jonathan E Bickel and Randy Mair

Keith A Binkley and Trent A Tiecke

John Bisceglia and Randolph Paschke

Claudia Bjerre

Charles Nevil and Nancy Bleiweiss-Nevil

Annette M Bloch and Andrei Muresan

James Bochinski and Donald Kasper

Jimmy Boegle and Garrett Dangerfield

Tracy Boomer and Robert Downing

Barbara Boxer and Stewart Boxer

Blade Branham and Gregory Seller

Eric Branthoover and Bob Sanderson

Fred Brugal and William Breto

Trent Broadus and Marcelo Martinez

Josh Brown and Martin Prew

Brandon Brown, MPH, PhD

Craig Gibson and Les Brown

Mario Bucacci-Pezzullo and Tom Bucacci-Pezzullo

David Buck

Karl Buchberg and Patrick Cooney

Jim A Burba and Robert A Hayes

Joseph Burgo and Michael Eha

David Muth and Tom W Burnett

Sue Burnside

Royce Cablayan

Daniel Caldwell and Carolyn Caldwell

Kevin F Campbell and Greg Smith

Philip Caplin

John A Di Pietro and Richard Carbonaro

Robert Carrasco

David Perry and Alfredo Casuso

Don Cecil and Mark Gilbert

Don Cecil

Debbie Chapman

Courtney Charton

Bruce Chisholm, M.D. and Keturah Chisholm

Robert Churchwell

Stephanie Cienfuegos

Frank E Goldstin and Paul Clowers

Josh Cohen and Ralph Dilisio

John McCoy and Laurence A Colton

Roberta A Conroy

Dennis Cooke and Thomas T Walsh

Phil Corrigan and J S Harbin

Vince Corsaro

Peggy Cravens

Ronald Crossetti

John P Cunningham

Don Curtis and Stephen R Winters

Jennifer Davidson and Tara Sandler

Rick Edgcumbe and James Davis

Tanner D Voskamp and Johnny Dawson

Larry Deitz and Al Keve

Rene Dell'Aqua, D.D.S.

David DeMuro and Chris Longobucco

Andrew Dietz, M.D. and Christian Slotter

Tom Dolle and George Waffle

Doug Donenfeld

William Duffy

David Dunn and Larry Kampf

Reynaldo Duran

Scott King and Sanford Edelstein

John Ehlers

Michael Eicksteadt and Nicholas Lawson

Edwin W Ellis

Darryl English and Paul Leite

Felipe Espinoza

Owen Fair


John Farmer and Brian Rix

Matt Farokhmanesh

Max Farris

Carolyn D Feldsine

David R Feltman

Gordon Ferren and Amanda L Smith

Margo Fitzgerald and Susan Mesenbrink

Dennis Flaig and Clinton C Moore

Alejandro Flores and Greg Rodriguez

Jerry J Fogelson

Christopher Foltz

Ralph Fowler

Richard Halton and Jean-Marc Frailong

Jason Freed and John Meyer

Brian A Frimeth and Glenn B Saxby

Bernie and Barbara E Fromm

Robert Frydrych and Bruce Senesac

Bradley Fuhr

John Fuller and Peter Siegel

Howard Gatoff and David Underhill

Susan E Gelman and Warren Gelman

Dan R George and Paul Hodapp

Hugh Glenn

Evan Goldfarb

Fredrica Jill Gover

Rosanne Kumins

Edith Groesbeck and Rosanne Kumins

George Knott and Scott Gulledge

John Hager and Ron Geatz

Ryan Halquist and Kyle Winn

Greg Hansen and Stanton Kernan

Jeff Nakano and Ryan Harlow Nakano

Chris K Harms and Keith Kincaid

Jan Hawkins

Michael Hayes

Brian Healey

Tamara Hedges

Scott Hedin

Ira Helf and John Knoebel

Christopher Heritage, Esq.

Lynne S Hertel-Toles

Michael C Hilgenberg and Heath Hilgenberg

Stefan Hill and Christopher Mandarano

Jefferson G Hills and Paul Kowal

Gayle Hodges and Arthur Wedmore

Charles J Diodosio and Timothy Hohmeier

Clint Holland

John Hueste

William R Huff, Jr and Gerald A Levin

Robert Hutcheson and Robert Kincaid

Dale Hutchinson and Cameron Smith

Randy S Isaacs and Tom Scrocco

Greg Jackson and Zarabeth Jackson

Alton Johnson, Jr. and Steve Manookian

Allison Jones

Leo Lee and Brian A Jones

Bianca Juarez

John Kelly and Marc Kutten

Corey King N.D.

Daniel Kitowski

Dane A Koch and Eric Scott

Bruce Konheim and Susan Konheim

Thomas W Lane

Bill Lanese

Jason Langer

Mihail Lari and Scott Murray

Randy Wiemer and Michael W Larson

Lawrence R Lazzaro

Gene Leone and Art Williams

Stuart Leviton and Herb K Schultz

James N Lewis and Paul Watson

Abe Liao

Bertil Lindblad

Bruce C Lindstrom

Robert Litvak

David Lockwood and Michael Paxton

Norman Luke and Dan McIntyre

Raymond Manci and Kevin Tabor

Richard Manzano and Suzanne M Quardt, M.D.

Keith Markovitz and Dave Locke

Darrel Perry and Jerry Marmon

Eileen Mason

Ogniana Masser

Michael Matthews and Joseph Seiver

Michael Mathias and John Carlisle

Gary Matus and Dan Sheehan

Harold Matzner

George E McBride and Tad Green

P. Michael McCartney

Kevin McCausland and Greg Sadoian

Emiliano Valenzuela and Todd J McCoy

James McMahon

Jose C Mendez Fernandez and Casey Colley

Andrew Merskin and Sven Vennen

Kent L Miller and Kimberly Miller

Angela Morris

Ken Morris

James Neuman and Richard Shapero

Beth Newton and Steve Newton

Eric Nicoll

Jeffrey S Norman

Dante Noto

Mark Okun and John Wendell

Sally Olins

Matthew C Stocker and Tom L Oliver

Michael O'Malley

Michael Ostrow and Roger Stoker

Scott Palermo and Jim Sanak

Kevin Palmer and Tom Elliott

Scott Patrick and Greg Vick

Marshall Pearcy and Douglas Woodmansee

L. R Pennacchi and Jared Trexel

Scott Phipps

Bridgette Picou

John O Pinkney and Carley Pinkney

Valerie Powers Smith and Mark J Smith

Fred Psaki and Randy Woodman

Cory Pulver

Barry E Ralph, Curt W Ringness and Jr.

Michael Recine

James R Reed

Mindy Reed

Kathleen von Dehn and Jonathan Reiss

Malcolm Riggle and Steven Weber

Charles Robbins and Damon Romine

Alex Roldan

Joseph A Roman, Esq.

Gil Rose and Stan Russell

Marvin R Russell and Kevin Vorwerk

Ronnie Saavedra and Mark Schroepfer

Sheri Saenz

Mike Salerno and Heddy S Salerno

Rebecca Sandlin

Stephen Saponaro, M.D. and Tim R Schneider

Art Scangas and Walt Shepard

Shaun Waters and Gene Serdena

Aubrey Serfling and Lori Serfling

Tulika Singh, M.D.

Roswitha K Smale

Pamela Smallwood

John White and Travis Smith

Francisco Solorio

George Sonsel, LCSW and Sven Paardekooper

Gary D. Soto and Matt Tully

Steven Stanford and Brian Stanford

Ron D Stange

Judy Stith

Dean Stolber and Jacqueline Stolber

Nancy Stone

Bruce Strohm and Anne Strohm

Marcos Suarez, M.D.

Stan Sylvain and William Beacham

Hector King Tamayo

Thomas Tarr and Rob Woronoff

Russell J Taylor

C. J. Tobe, III

Tom F Truhe and Charles E Hasse

Darrell L Tucci

Andrew Uris and Rick E Odell

Linda Usher and Malcom Usher

Nick Valenziano and Ken Carls

William VanHemert and Robert (Bob) Graham

Roque Anthony Velasco

David Vignolo and William Mitchell

Hector Vizoso and Jorge Zaiden

Robert Walker and Ernie Phinney

Andrew Warren and Austin Smolka

Kathy Weaver and Bill Weaver

Brian Webb

Jo Whiting and Greg Whiting

Michael Williams

David R Williams

Mark D Wilson

Jennifer Winesburg

Ellen Wolf

Dennis Wolframski

Jeffrey P Wright

Peter Young and Stefanie A Young