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Call: (760) 323-2118
8am to 5pm Mon - Fri

Drive-Up Services Expand COVID-19 Evaluations at DAP

Palm Springs, CA -- April 7, 2020 -- The COVID-19 Triage Clinic at Desert AIDS Project (DAP) announced it has added Drive-Up service for people who qualify for testing to be evaluated and swabbed for COVID-19 in their vehicles. With this approach, DAP hopes to reduce exposures to Coronavirus and divert potentially infected patients who are not seriously ill from emergency departments and doctor’s offices.

Telephone screening is required for Drive-Up service before coming to DAP. Call our COVID-19 hotline at (760) 992-0407 for more information.

Drive-Up service is part of DAP’s commitment to keep fighting on behalf of our community against COVID-19. Parked in designated spaces, clients remain in their cars while clinicians conduct all necessary testing and evaluation at the driver or passenger window.

By seeing clients with less severe symptoms this way, we are conserving space inside the COVID-19 Triage Clinic for people who need it most.

Currently, the COVID-19 Triage Clinic at Desert AIDS Project can serve approximately 20 clients per day. By adding Drive-Up service, the total number of clients the clinic serves will increase to approximately 40-50.

While staying home remains the safest plan for most who are ill, getting respiratory illness symptoms checked by a clinician is important, especially a dry cough or a fever of 100.4 or higher. The clients who will be served by Drive-Up Triage at DAP currently might not feel sick enough to ask to see a healthcare clinician.

“These are the folks who have been told to stay home with their symptoms,” said Dr. Christopher Foltz, director of COVID-19 Triage Clinic at DAP. “We don’t want to miss anyone.”

Drive-up service is also a good alternative for people who feel anxious about entering an indoor healthcare setting currently, but who want to keep themselves well and others safe during this health crisis. It’s also useful for people who don’t have symptoms but have had direct exposure to someone confirmed with COVID-19.